Average Returns Versus Average Risk of Various Financial Assets

International Farming Corporation is an alternative investment firm that offers opportunities to invest in superior farmland and excellent farmers


Farmland is an ideal hard asset class for investors seeking to generate properly diversified investment portfolios. Farmland provides consistent reliable income, capital appreciation of farmland value, negative correlation to stocks/bonds and inflation protection.

IFC partners with farmers to help maximize farm profitability through progressive farming and preventative farming techniques. This active management strategy benefits our farming partners and investors who trust us to provide consistently strong returns in the farming industry.

Agricultural Services

IFC and affiliates are active in fertilizer manufacturing and distribution, John Deere dealerships, seed processing operations, custom agriculture applications and services, direct farming, cotton ginning, farmland leasing, bulk trucking, propane distribution and financial services for farmers. Through its agricultural services group, it provides farmers with services ranging from custom applications of seed, chemical, and fertilizer inputs to custom harvesting and ginning of crops.